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Shaun Tan and ‘The Lost Thing’

You will  have noticed by now that I have some particularly dorky interests – movies, animation, bad bad movies, art and contemporary art photography.

Now I will attempt to rock your world with another of my interests – illustrated children’s books!

To add value to my argument, I am simply gonna say that a really good illustrator is on a par with any working artist. So much so that there are galleries that sell original artwork by children’s illustrators. Big up to ‘The Illustration Cupboard’ (see their website). Needless to say I am a member.

One of my very favourite illustrators is the Australian Shaun Tan

Who created the wonderful but creepy ‘The Rabbits’

This astonishing book (for children) creates an analogy for the devastation brought about by the introduction of rabbits to the indigenous animals of Australia – not only is it deeply harrowing but it is only short of beautiful in its pictures.
Other images by Shaun Tan –
He loves to play with the extraordinary in the ordinary suburban world.
But my favourite of all his books is ‘The Lost Thing’


It is beautiful and strange and charming and totally weird.
So, the point of this post is not only to share this wonderfull illustrator but to share my surprise that when I looked through the list of Academy Award nominees for 2011 (which I am want to do) I was delighted to see that Best Short Animated Movie went to Shaun Tan for ‘The Lost Thing’…….I didn’t even know it had been made into a short – shame on me!
Here’s the trailer

Can’t wait to see it in its entirety!
If you recognise the voice, it’s Tim Minchin the fantastic Australian comedian/musician (Big Up to all my Australian followers!) and here he is being Tim!



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