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So, they are gonna remake ‘The Black Hole’

I think I am one of the few nerds out there who actually liked ‘The Black Hole’ – I guess I am a sucker for anything with robots and Maximillian was a supercool robot.

A bit of  a botch of a movie but the soundtrack is class. I saw the movie at the same cinema that I ended up working in as a student watching ‘Dances With Wolves’ whose soundtrack was also created by the late, great John Barry. 

My mum bought the soundtrack as a pressie and it has a seriously sinister opening theme –

But if you have seen the movie, can you please tell me what the hell the ending was all about?

On a side note, my best friend when I was a 9 year old was Adrian Barber. We would play with our ‘Star Wars’ figures all the time but imagine my horror when Adrian decided to introduce his ‘Black Hole’ figures and his ‘Battlestar Galactica’ figures too!! Outrage! It’s wrong – so so very wrong – wrong!

So Disney, are you listening? Please make it a cool remake, and please keep Maximillian!


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