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There’s more to photography than sexy men – allegedly!

Another of my interests, apart from movies and naked men, is contemporary art photography so every now and then I would like to post a few images of some of my favourite snappers.

Today I want to highlight some of the work of Gregory Crewdson who makes startling, disturbing, elaborately staged and vaguely sinister images.

His ability at capturing human beings lost in their interior worlds made him the perfect candidate to make the promotional photographs for ‘Six Feet Under’
Which just happens to be one of our favourite TV shows!
What amazes me, however, is that these amazing images require lighting crews, set designers, props men and assorted helpers. Crewdson doesn’t even press the shutter on the camera!!
If this is contemporary art photography, and many galleries would absolutely say it is, can it really be called a work by Gregory Crewdson? Or is it, in fact, the workshop of Gregory Crewdson as it would have been in the early Renaissance? You decide – and post your views!

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