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Haven’t you often sat down with your mates in the pub and tried to thrash out just …..

What Is The Greatest Car Chase In Movie History?

With that in mind, I have put a few of what I consider the best car chases below and look forward to your comments…


Great for being in the centre of Paris (the paperwork must have been a nightmare!). And great because it features a female driver – Natascha McElhone

Bad Boys II

A terrible movie with ‘hysterical’ bad language but an incredible amount of destruction on a freeway bridge.

James Bond – Quantum of Solace

Of course there has to be Bond. And in this chase you really get the feeling that this is real.

and just because we want to – here he is,


The Matrix Reloaded


Yes you can argue that much of this chase scene was done with CGI etc etc but for sheer bravado AND at over 10 minutes, the brothers really pull out all the stops!

Keanu looking sexy

The Bourne Supremacy

Another city car chase, this time in Moscow and features some bone-crunching crashes.


So what have I missed out? Please don’t automatically regurgitate ‘Bullitt’ and ‘French Connection’ but maybe instead come up with something that we might genuinely have missed!



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