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Geoff Love and His Orchestra

As a kid, Sunday mornings were a chance to play records on the ancient stereo in the living room (actually I think it was a mono record player – for shame!).

My brother and I got to take it in turns to play a record (Yes an LP!). Needless to say there were constant arguments and fighting, mainly because he was older and had actual music tastes and the money to buy records whereas I was stuck with the albums already in the family music collection…(Demis Roussos anyone?)

What I did play a lot of – mainly because my family seemed to have bought all of them – were those dreadful compilation albums of TV and movie themes by people like  Geoff Love and His Orchestra – and those readers of a certain age will remember them with a mix of fondness and bile!

Yup! This was one of ours!

Children's TV Themes

and this one

Your Favourite TV Themes

Oh the shame – we had this one too!

I played them so much that it got to the point where we could all know exactly what was coming next and collectively groan!

But there was worse to come as when exhausted of TV themes – out came the ‘Top of the Pops’ L.P’s! And they seemed to be even OLDER!

Cheeky or Cheesy – you decide!


I never knew where these albums came from. I never saw my mum buy music in her life (Nana Mouskouri an exception – or not as the case may be). But there were loads in the cupboard. I suspect they would be collector’s items now – dammit! But even if the first bar of ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon’ came on now I will still shudder!

But, having said all that, what is it about nostalgia that raises the goosebumps and sends you into a bit of a swoon? Don’t tell me that readers of a certain age won’t get a bit jiggy with this –

Geoff Love and His Orchestra – will love you! (even though you are a bit crap!)

And to Flick Colby co-creator of Pan’s People, who died last month at the age of 65, we salute the group that, via ‘Top of the Pop’s’, have become an iconic part of British pop culture!

(and yes, this song was on one of my L.P.’s)




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