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Mad Movie Matinee!

Another movie that needs to be bigged up as it has much to recommend it!

Although claiming to be a sequel to the pretty dreadful stalk and slash ‘Prom Night’ (itself remade recently into an altogether bloodless rubbish movie) Prom Night II Hello Mary Lou is in fact a witty clever and imaginative movie.

With ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ preceeding it by 3 years, the writer and the director of ‘Hello Mary Lou’ have gone for the sly wit and inventive death scenes that Freddy thought he had cornered the market in.

Taking elements of many other movies, particularly ‘Carrie’ what with Prom night pranks and overly religious mothers, ‘Hello Mary Lou’ nevertheless is a great ride.

“And do you know what pissed me off the most? No fucking WINGS!!”

There is one particular scene which I wanted to show you guys but I can’t find it on youtube ….basically Vicky (who is possessed by Mary Lou) is dragged into a churning swirling blackboard – I did say it was inventive!

Instead here’s a photo

Hopefully this extended fan made clip will give you a better idea of how fun this movie is –

And if you needed anymore convincing, it also stars Michael Ironside (cameoing in X-Men First Class) – the man is a complete CULT

If you have the chance track this film down, you’ll be glad you did



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