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Call me childish!

Is it only me who loves fart gags and poo jokes? I reckon not, in fact I think it is something in the British psyche that makes us titter at bodily functions. And though we should all take history very seriously when a programme comes along that mixes history and poo – it’s heaven s(c)ent!


If you haven’t caught it already, ‘Horrible Histories’ is a kids show based on the very successful series of books which delight in showing us the more revolting social history from the cavemen to the Great War.


more poo! (and falling over for good meaasure!)

and yet more poo….and some farting to really get me giggling

Even without poo jokes it is very witty…Colin Farrell based his performance on this sketch!

and don’t tell me you won’t be singing along by the second chorus

and had I seen this sketch in my school history class, it might have actually made a difference to my dreadful exam result!


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