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The mad world of Madame Yevonde!

Yevonde Cumbers was an Edwardian photographer and a passionate suffragette. She moved in circles that saw her make acquaintances with all the most interesting and glamorous figures of the time including the Mitford sisters.

As a result she has created a stunning collection of photographic portraits that are not only a record of her amazing era but also infused with her often bizarre ideas, costumes and poses to avoid the cliches of portrait photography that were inherent at the time.

Lady Malcolm Campbell as Niobe

(I am assuming that those are tears!)

Mrs Edward Meyer as Medusa

Lady Bridgett Poulett as Arethusa

Mrs Richard Hart-Davies as Ariel

Mrs Anthony Eden as the Muse of History

Lady Milbanke as Queen of the Amazons

Baroness Gagern as Europa



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