Don’t ya just love it when…

Being a total collectivist, I just love it when a publisher re-issues an authors’ back catalogue and all the covers have been designed to compliment each other..

J G Ballard


American Gods

On holidays recently, sunning our bits by the pool, and whilst the Boyf was steaming through the Sookie Stackhouse / “True Blood” novels, I read Neil Gaiman’s ” American Gods”.

A fantastic book that explores the idea that if God/Gods exist and if, therefore, all the immigrants that make up America brought their ‘real’ gods with them wouldn’t there be a fight for top dog? (did you see what I did there? LOL)

Well I am delighted to say that it has been picked up by Hollywood and is to be made into a movie/TV series! All I ask is that they don’t fuck it up!!!

BTW, Neil has also written an episode for the new Doctor Who season called the Doctor’s Wife!

It was ‘fantastic’  and in this humble geek’s opinion, one of the best episodes of this half-season! Roll on the second half-season!


Dr Who on the front cover of Gay Times…..oh yeah!